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Fundraising Team Vacancy

Fundraising team vacancy

As we are expanding our movement and the projects are growing, we are searching for three people willing to support the fundraising team. The fundraising team is one of the most important committees of Horizons. In order to execute our projects we need financial support from donors and funds. Without a budget, we are not able to organize events that contribute to justice & equality. Michelle, being the treasurer of Horizons, will coordinate this team.

Your tasks
As a member of the fundraising team you are going to apply for funds. In case a large fund is granted to our organization, the job can be quite rewarding and the results are tangible. As a fundraiser, you will learn how to apply for funds and how to convince donors to contribute to Horizons. This is a skill that is often highly appreciated on your CV, if you apply for future jobs. If you choose to become part of this team, we expect a weekly commitment of 4-6 hours.

What is required?
Fundraising experience is not required. We would appreciate applications from people that have applied for funds in the past, but we believe that the motivation to learn new skills and to contribute to Horizons mission is what’s most important. We encourage participants of this year’s study trip and participants from outside the Netherlands to apply as well. We would prefer team members that are able to participate in this team for at least half a year. However, please do not hesitate to apply if you want to contribute to this team for a shorter period, if you were planning to apply for a board position after the trip as well, or if you want to combine fundraising with other Horizons projects!

Please send a short motivation + CV to Michelle michellegroen7@gmail.com if you’re interested!

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