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Stories from Palestine

Our last Study Trip to Palestine gathered energetic and active youth from many countries. Since we came back, those participants (now Horizons’ volunteers) are busy organising activities and events to tell back home how was the experience. For many of them, this trip means a life-changing experience and they feel it is important to share what they learned with its friends, relatives and many other people.

Semra, Lena and Nina, three of our participants from The Netherlands, also felt it was important to bring those stories from Palestine back home. They also wanted to thank the generosity of the donors who supported them during the crowdfunding campaign.

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On Sunday 15th January, they organised an event called Stories from Palestine. They organised this activity at the Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam. “We were supported by the Essalam Mosque which is the biggest of Holland. Our aim to organize the event at a mosque was to give Dutch people familiarity with the Islamic environment and to feel warmth towards Muslims, and so Palestinians” explained Semra.

Aura, President of Horizons, also participated at the event and explained what are the vision and mission of Horizons. Edwin, who works at the Palestinian Mission in The Hague and who also joined the group during the Study Trip, shared his opinions and experience on the Palestinian case from a personal perspective.

The event gave the opportunity to the Dutch participants to express their feelings on what they learned through their own artistic creations, such as documentaries, videos and voice recorders. They also had the opportunity  to explain about the campaign they have started in The Netherlands to get Palestine recognised as a state by the Dutch government. They have even organised a March for Palestine on 4th February in The Hague. Join them if you happen to be around or show them your support by liking their Facebook page.

At the end of the event the attendees enjoyed some delicious Palestinian food and roses were given to the speakers. A minute of silence was also taken in solidarity with all the victims of wars in the world.

Congratulations for this wonderful event and for sharing your inspiring energy with all of us!

Pictures taken by Busra Aydin.

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