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Stories from the ground – A call for articles


International media coverage from Gaza is often absent and only emerges in times of war. An absence of media coverage occurs in a myriad of places in the world where injustice is experienced on a daily basis. Media diversity is an important aspect in seeking for global peace and justice, therefore Horizons endeavors to contribute to the diversivication of voices being heard in the media. It is against this background that Horizons organizes a competition for (student) journalists (or anyone passionate about writing and journalism) to write about what they think the world should know about life in Gaza.

As Horizons is a Global Youth Movement striving for justice and equality, the theme of your article should revolve around global justice. If you have another theme that you are strongly passionate about, you can get in touch with us at eucoordinator@horizons-international.org and we can see if your theme would suit the nature of the competition.

What could you gain by taking part in the competition? The three best stories will be published on Horizons’ website and on social media. Furthermore, we will send the winning article to all major news media in the Netherlands in order to get your voice heard. The top five contestants will be invited to take part in a course which is designed to teach you how to write in order to get published by Western media. And finally, all stories we receive will be sent back to you edited. We will also provide you with constructive feedback.

Interested? We’d say start writing. The deadline to receive your article is 30 October 2015 at 23:59 (Central European Time). Your article’s word count should not exceed 1500 words. When evaluating the articles, we will pay careful attention especially to the topic of your article, quality of writing, and uniqueness.

We’d love to read your story.

Please send your application with your name and email address to horizons@storiesfromtheground.com before 30 October 2015. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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