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International Board

Secretary/Head of public relations 2015-2016 (w/option to extend term)

Horizons is looking for a new secretary/Head of public relations (secretary in short). As a secretary you’ll be a part of the International Board of Horizons, which means that you’ll be part of the daily management team of Horizons. Do you think you have what it takes to lead and manage an international organization like Horizons? Send us your CV and motivational letter!


  1. You’re a team worker.
  2. You have leadership skills.
  3. You love to work in the field of Justice, Equality and Cultural Understanding.
  4. You know how to work with social media and how to attract people with social media.
  5. You’re available for at least 8 hours a week to work for Horizons.


  1. Sending newsletter to our followers every week, to keep them updated of our activities.
  2. Attend and take notes at board meetings every two weeks.
  3. Supervise your team that posts regularly on social media (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter).
  4. Write posts and articles for the website.
  5. Update the website with Horizons events and activities.


What do we offer?


Horizons offers you an amazing experience in the field of social activism. It’s literally a unique way to broaden your Horizon. You will gain a lot of organizational skills, leadership skills and you will end up with an amazing network.


EU-coordinator 2015-2016 (w/option to extend term)


Horizons is looking for an EU-coordinator. As an EU-coordinator you’re responsible for staying in touch with Horizons’ volunteers. As the amount of volunteers is increasing on a monthly basis, you’d appoint one volunteer per country whom you’d stay in touch with and all the other volunteers would contact you via the appointed country coordinator (you can even set up a vacancy in order to find the right person). With regard to Horizons’ projects, you’ll be in touch mainly with the project coordinators to see that Horizons projects are running smoothly. In case there are misunderstandings between the volunteers and their respective country coordinators or the project coordinators, you’ll be their first point of contact and help them solve possible problems they face during their work with Horizons. As we are a growing organization we need to find partners throughout Europe to work with, you are expected to find and contact potential partner organizations. In order to better evaluate the work we do, you’d present the progress and evaluation of your work to the rest of the board in monthly reports. Next to that, you’d have monthly evaluations together with Horizons’ President (and the Project Manager, if possible).


  1. You have organizational skills.
  2. You’re a team player.
  3. You have leadership skills and you know how to get people activated.
  4. You’re available for at least 10 hours a week to work for Horizons.


  1. Stay in touch with Horizons’ volunteers via country coordinators and project coordinators
  1. Keep track of all our volunteers throughout Europe
  2. Motivate the volunteers
  3. Help our volunteers solve the problems they face during their work with Horizons
  4. Find and contact European partner organizations that share our core believes


What do we offer?


Horizons offers you an amazing experience in the field of social activism. It’s literally a unique way to broaden your Horizon. You will gain a lot of organizational skills, leadership skills and you will end up with an amazing network.


Member Conference Committee (?)


Asma needs to elaborate on this.


High School Intercultural Education Program (?)


Maybe Aura could fill this in, I have no idea to be honest.


Member Fundraiser Committee (3 persons)


Fundraising team vacancy


As we are expanding our movement and the projects are growing, we are searching for three people willing to support the fundraising team. The fundraising team is one of the most important committees of Horizons. In order to execute our projects we need financial support from donors and funds. Without a budget, we are not able to organize events that contribute to justice & equality. Michelle, being the treasurer of Horizons, will coordinate this team.




Your tasks


As a member of the fundraising team you are going to apply for funds. In case a large fund is granted to our organization, the job can be quite rewarding and the results are tangible. As a fundraiser, you will learn how to apply for funds and how to convince donors to contribute to Horizons. This is a skill that is often highly appreciated on your CV, if you apply for future jobs. If you choose to become part of this team, we expect a weekly commitment of 4-6 hours.


What is required?


Fundraising experience is not required. We would appreciate applications from people that have applied for funds in the past, but we believe that the motivation to learn new skills and to contribute to Horizons mission is what’s most important. We encourage participants of this year’s study trip and participants from outside the Netherlands to apply as well. We would prefer team members that are able to participate in this team for at least half a year. However, please do not hesitate to apply if you want to contribute to this team for a shorter period, if you were planning to apply for a board position after the trip as well, or if you want to combine fundraising with other Horizons projects!


Member PR Team (2 persons)


Maintaining good public relations is of the utmost importance for an organization like Horizons. If the organization wants to keep a steady growth we need to show the world our message on a regular basis. Horizons is looking for two people to help us with this important task. Do you think you have it in you to be PR officer within our organization? Apply now!




  1. You’re a team player.
  2. You have social media skills.
  3. You’re willing to learn from other and teach other people certain PR skills when asked for.




  1. Keeping website up-to-date.
  2. Posting regularly on our Social Media outlets.
  3. If necessary helping other committees with promotion activities.


Member Campus project Committee (3)


The Horizons campus events aim to raise awareness about injustice and inequality. We try to do so by organizing small scale, accessible and frequent events on university campuses throughout Europe and the Middle East. The main events consist of movie screenings, debates and symposiums. The events will encourage students to become actively engaged in our effort to building bridges between the East and the West. The campus projects allow youth to develop organizational skills on a small-scale. Volunteers that have less time to spend on Horizons will stay engaged with the organization and it is an easy way to recruit new potential volunteers for Horizons at many campuses in the world. Currently, over 20 Universities are joining these events.


Horizons is looking for three volunteers to manage this project. You’ll have to come up with new ideas – such as new movies to screen at the campuses around the world – promotional material, schedules and deadlines. When you’ve gathered all the necessary material you send this to the different campuses so that they can execute their project smoothly.




  1. Outstanding organizational skills.
  2. Leadership skills.
  3. Dedicated to organize great things.
  4. Available for at least 6 hours a week to work on the campus project committee.


City Teams


Every participants is also involved in their city’s team. These teams will execute the projects in their hometown. The project committees will provide them with the necessary information, promotional material, time schedules and deadlines[1].


[1] The international board will provide basic training for the committees so that they know what to do and how to do it! The general rules as laid down in the new structure apply to the vacancies.

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